Matthew Shang

Creative Director & Co-founder - MSDO

Matthew Shang is the Creative Director and Co-founder of MSDO, Matthew Shang Design Office. He was previously the founder of the award-winning interior Agency Distillery, which then merged with international practice Hassell.

He has emerged independently to give his design a unique and individual voice. Through MSDO, Matthew wants to create designs that delight and intrigue the user. This reflects the process of designing, whereby it is an amalgamation of inherent inspiration and experience, exploration and research, a touch of good humour, and a lot of joy.

MSDO believes that the journey of design should always provide challenges and enhance the skill of the design practitioner. It is about improving skills and knowledge through research through the design phase, interrogating the brief, creating novel new design stories and narratives, and finding new and improved uses for existing materials. It is about building trusted relationships between the client, operators and the designer and working relationships with the consultants and contractors.

Matthew finds design inspiration in many ways; he has an extensive design library of books on fashion and film and travels to find those moments of inspiration.

Having lived in Singapore for 25 years, he has seen profound change in Singapore and Southeast Asia. He appreciates how the region has gifted him with many work and life opportunities.