Peter Cuong Franklin


Peter Cuong Franklin is a Vietnamese-American chef who studied at Le Cordon Bleu and trained at world- famous restaurants including Caprice in Hong Kong, Alinea in Chicago and Nahm in Bangkok. A pioneer of modern Vietnamese and Asian cuisine, he is a leading light and one of the most recognizable faces on the country’s dynamic gastronomic scene.

His true inspiration is his mother, who runs a small noodle shop in Dalat in central Vietnam and is famed for her prawn & pork turmeric noodle soup. At Anan Saigon, he combines his deep knowledge of Southeast Asian street-food flavors with contemporary international techniques. Chef Peter also helms Nhau Nhau cocktail bar and Pot Au Pho noodle bar, with all his restaurants – including Anan Saigon – located in Chợ Cũ, the oldest wet market in Ho Chi Minh’s city center.

He also works with local charities such as Saigon Children, Koto and Streets International, helping disadvantaged youth to gain experience and employment in the hospitality industry. He is also a mentor for the new generation of chefs and bartenders and served as a judge for Young Talents Escoffier Vietnam and World Class Vietnam. Chef Peter was recognized as Tatler Asia’s Most Influential Tastemakers of 2021.