Katja Margaritoglou

Co-founder - Block722

Born and raised in Sweden, of Greek- Finnish descent, Katja travelled and worked in various countries around the world during her early career in the fashion industry as a professional fashion model. Passionate and curious about different cultures, but also with a great love for the Mediterranean spirit and lifestyle, she found herself a few years later in Athens, where she moved permanently and studied interior design. Through her new profession as an interior designer, she was fascinated by merging a wide range of cultures, drawing energy from hidden treasures of traditional and modern Greece, while being inspired of new experiences, people, places, and nature.

As co-founder of Block722 architects for over a decade now, she has consistently instilled a sense of timelessness, refinement, and quality into the studio’s design. She has managed to establish all over the world, as in Europe, Australia, Middle East, close and long-lasting collaborations with architects, designers, and craftsmen with the warm and comfort that comes out of her cross-cultural and nomadic state of mind.