Patrick Keane

Founder – Enter Projects

Patrick Keane is an award-winning Architect, rebuilding the world with natural rattan and modern-day technologies. Having lived across 5 continents, he uses his experience and knowledge to introduce forward-thinking approaches in design, fusing new technology with local skill sets and regional arts & crafts.

Patrick achieved his Bachelor degree in Environmental Design at the University of Western Australia before setting his sights on the University of Princeton in the US, graduating with a Masters in Architecture. He had his baptism of fire in New York’s competitive architecture realm before establishing Enter Projects in 2005.

Latterly renamed Enter Projects Asia, Patrick has led the team to create noteworthy projects, consistently garnering attention from the public and the design community, both locally and globally.  These projects are now receiving global acclaim for their grassroots sustainability, embracing digital design technology and dovetailing it with local craftsmanship, using locally sourced and crafted 100% biodegradable rattan. The firm has been published in 39 industry titles across 25 countries since arriving in South East Asia in 2018.

Patrick explains his approach: “Architecture is not for the faint-hearted. Our aesthetic has to be contemporary, as our work seeks to have continued relevance. A designer needs be part of the spirit of the age, and part of modern culture, in order to represent trends in thought, reference the past and be optimistic for the future.”