Serdar Kutucu

CEO – Slowness

Serdar is Chief Executive Officer of Slowness, an experimental hospitality collective that reframes the ways we live, work and interact through the holistic development and programming of destinations around the world. An expert in innovation and brand positioning, he drives all business development efforts of Slowness and its independent holding company, Slow Capital, and spearheads the creation of a global community program.

Before joining Slowness in April of 2020, Serdar was Chief Operating Officer at Design Hotels, where he played a vital role over his 12 years at the company in shaping its fine collection of 350 independent member hotels and driving creative and strategic development of the brand. As a key player in business development efforts, he was responsible for the successful launch of Starwood’s SPG program at Design Hotels and, later, its collaboration with major shareholder Marriott International.

Over the years, Serdar has established a worldwide network of influential players in the industry, creating new concepts and innovative collaborations. This journey culminates in the creation of Slowness, where he and the founders have built a team that’s uniquely suited to tackle current challenges in the industry and push toward a slower, more sustainable future.