José Gil Duarte

Managing Partner – Horwath

José Gil Duarte is the Managing Partner of Horwath HTL, Portugal. Horwath HTL is the global leader in hotel, tourism and leisure consulting, covering every aspect of hotel real estate, tourism and leisure development.

A hospitality and real estate specialist, based in Portugal, with over 30 years’ experience in professional business strategic advisory services and general management in a wide range of institutional investors, family offices, public authorities, independently-managed and publicly-listed international companies.

With his motivation and work ethics, José Gil has been leading a multidisciplinary team and shows a portfolio of unique projects. Being Founder & CEO at Essentia, he has been providing key service lines such as Planning & Development, Asset Management, Tourism, Valuation and Transaction Advisory. Currently, José Gil shares his expertise as Managing Partner of Horwath HTL Portugal to serve the dynamic Portuguese market.