For our first Asia-Pacific excursion Sleeper SESSIONS headed to the Danang, a location reflective of the changing face of Vietnam.

Located right on the beach, our host venue the Sheraton Grand provided state-of-the-art conference facilities and capacious outdoor event spaces nestled alongside infinity pools, lush vegetation and private cabanas.

Additional to a synchronised meeting schedule, matching the right specifiers with the right suppliers, our guests enjoyed a compelling itinerary that included elements of Symposia and Sustenance.

Louis Thompson, CEO of Nomadic Resorts, gave a keynote opening address on 'The Beauty of Bamboo' as well as leading Sustenance workshops in which guests got hand's on with the wonder material, constructed a temporary light touch structure as the backdrop for our closing night dinner.

Peter Cuong Franklin, chef and culinary ‘ambassador’ for Vietnam with its incredible gastronomic heritage, explored the importance of food, flavours and family in the country of his birth. 

David Kaye, Brand Director for Wink Hotels and former editor-in-chief for some of Vietnam's leading lifestyle magazines, looked at the dynamic, changing face of Vietnamese hospitality, in relation to wider, global trends under the heading 'Shift Happens'.

Meanwhile 'Tales of the Unexpected' offered informal and intimate storytelling from the likes of Clint Ngata (Blink Design Group), David Hodkinson (Studio Noor), Virginie de Paeuw (The Design Lab) and Piya Thamchariyawat (EDG Design).

Our Sustenance programme gave the opportunity for meditative and relaxing activities including yoga and lantern making.

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